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STEPLESS EAR CLAMP (320-16700026)

Part # 320-16700026

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Product Details

Stepless Ear Clamps, 7/8" Dia, 0.89"W, UNS S30400 or DIN 1.4301

Additional Information

  • Part #: 320-16700026
  • MPN: 16700026

  • Smooth edged band steel prevents damage to hose
  • Tamper detectable design
  • The standard series Stepless Ear Clamps are especially well suited to applications involving both flexible and inflexible thin-walled hoses
  • The Stepless design provides uniform compression and a 360 seal
  • The term "Stepless" refers to the absence of steps or gaps on the inner circumference of the clamp
Brand Oetiker

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